Can cats get fiv from other animals?

Jeramy Keebler asked a question: Can cats get fiv from other animals?
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Just one bite could infect this cat with fiv | my cat from hell

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Are people or other animal species at risk from the virus? No, the virus does not affect any other pets such as dogs, rabbits, etc. FIV is species specific and only affects felines.


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❓ Can cats get fleas from other animals?

  • The most common flea found on cats and dogs is the cat flea, although any species of fleas, including fleas from rabbits, squirrels or other wildlife, can be found on cats. Even though fleas may be in your house, you probably will not see them.

❓ What animals purr other than cats?

  • Besides cats, animals in the lesser known Viverridae family also purr. And other animals make purr-like sounds while eating, for example, such as bears, foxes, hyenas, rabbits, badgers, and squirrels. Why do cats purr and then bite you?

❓ Are burmese cats good with other animals?

How Friendly Are Burmese Cats? The breed is devoted and tolerant, and they've allowed people to dress them up (much like Ragdolls). Burmese are people-oriented and may follow humans from room to room, so they're ideal for families with children and will generally tolerate a home with dogs.

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Fiv and what it means for your cat

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Can cats get mange from other cats?


Can other cats catch ear mites from each other?

Yes. My cat caught ear mites from my neighbor's cat. New cats in a household should be checked for mites to avoid infecting other pets.

How are feral cats different from other cats?
  • Free-roaming, unowned kitties live differently from our beloved pets. In addition, the feral cats’ daily activity patterns—sleeping during the day and being active at night, which likely reflects the behavior of their prey, small mammals, as well as lets them better avoid humans—was very different from kitties with homes.
How are munchkin cats different from other cats?
  • Munchkin cats are amazing sprinters, but they don’t jump as high as other cat breeds, simply because they have short legs. But even with their short legs they still can jump on furniture and climb just like other cats. 2. Munchkin Cats Are Active And Healthy Breed
How are siberian cats different from other cats?
  • Their appearance is actually not much different from that of locally bred ones. However, in terms of genes, Siberian cats from Russia (especially from Siberia) are said to have pure genetic quality, while ones born in American and Europe are crossed with other breeds. Where to find Siberian kittens for sale?

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Fiv in cats // is a positive test a death sentence? How are white cats different from other cats?
  • They are seen as “less bold and active and more shy and calm than other colors of cat”. This is corroborated by many cat guardians who see their white cats as being generally more reserved and often shy, yet loving and caring when they bond with their family.
Why are albino cats different from other cats?
  • Albino cats have a genetic alteration that makes them different from all other cats, including white cats. Albinism is caused by a gene called TYR. The TYR gene determines the presence of tyrosinase, an enzyme needed by the body to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that decides the color of a cat’s eyes, skin, and fur.

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Fiv in cats faqs feline immunodeficiency virus Why do cats get worms from other cats?
  • Cats usually pick up worms themselves by ingesting the feces of other infected cats. For this reason, outdoor cats are far more likely to suffer from worms. Since worms live in a wide variety of hosts, cats can get certain parasites by ingesting infected animals like snails, slugs, fleas, or even rodents.
Are tigers different from other big cats?

Yes, tigers are a different species than other big cats. They are mostly all related under the genus Panthera.

How are cheetahs different from other cats?

The cheetah is actually the only remaining species of the genus Acinonyx. The feature that distinguishes the Big Cats from the rest of the Felidae family is their ability to roar because they have a floating hyoid bone and a specially adapted larynx.

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Adopting an fiv cat new animal friend Do cats get ringworm from other cats in shewlter?

Is it possible for a kitten to get ringworm?

  • Kittens are also more likely to have more severe types of ringworm infections as well. Elderly cats and cats with a weakened immune system are often more likely to get ringworm. How Do You Diagnose Ringworm in a Cat?
How are cory cats different from other cory cats?
  • Two Cory Cats of the same type will often stay close to one another as they move throughout the tank to feed. This is especially true when they rest. When one Cory Cat takes a break in the corner of a tank, other Cory Cats will almost always be seen an inch or two away. Two Cory Cats of different types may behave the same way.
Can cats get sick from other cats when they're sick?
  • Therefore, it's important to keep your cat away from other cats that are sick. If your cat contracts the flu or an upper respiratory infection, the virus may stick around, says Love That Pet. "Unfortunately, cats that recover from cat flu may become temporary or permanent virus carriers.
Can a cat be cremated with other animals?
  • With this option, your cat will be cremated in the same chamber with other animals. The ashes you receive will be mixed with those of the other animals. This choice is much more cost effective. With the communal method, you are sometimes given the ashes, but in many cases not. How much will cat cremation cost?
Do arabian maus get along with other animals?
  • The Arabian Mau gets along very well with elder children and other animals. These cats are neat and take care of themselves very well. Generally speaking, Arabian Maus are quiet, only being vocal when they demand something. However, they do tend to have a high vocal range and their vocalizations can sometimes come across as loud and demanding.
Can a cat get fleas from other cats?
  • Both outdoor and indoor cats can get fleas. Indoor cats are at risk of getting fleas from other household pets or from you, as fleas can hitch a ride into your home on your clothing. While outdoor cats may encounter fleas on a reasonably regular basis, there are many ways for fleas to get to indoor cats too.
Can cats catch feline leukemia from each other?

Feline leukemia is a disease that only affects cats -- it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals. FeLV is passed from one cat to another through saliva, blood, and to some extent, urine and feces.

Can cats get ear mites from each other?

Are ear mites contagious to other pets? Yes, ear mites are contagious to other cats and dogs in the household. Even if other pets aren't showing symptoms of ear mites, it's essential that they are also treated at the same time.

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How cats become infected with feline coronavirus, the virus which causes fip Can my cat get tapeworms from other cats?

What ingredient kills tapeworms in cats?

  • Praziquantel is the active ingredient in deworming medications for tapeworms. The function of praziquantel is to act on the system of the tapeworm so that it will dislocate from the wall of the intestines and is then passed into the feces. You may or my not see dead tapeworms in your cats stool.
What makes a calico different from other cats?
  • A calico cat's behavior is rumored to have more attitude than cats of other colors. Some pet owners affectionately refer to these behavior characteristics as "cattitude." All puns aside, many people who are thinking of purchasing a kitten will keep these rumors in mind when selecting between calicos and other colors.
What makes cheetah's claws different from other cats?
  • Cheetah paws are less rounded in comparison to other cats. This along with the claws helps the cheetah make quick turns at high speed. Its thumb claw is used to hook and trip prey during the chase. Not only a tool for attack, cheetah claws are essential for gripping various kinds of terrain.

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Saving a mange infested fiv street cat - amazing before & after!