Can cats hear better then dogs?

Marcelina Witting asked a question: Can cats hear better then dogs?
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In fact, cats can hear almost one octave higher than dogs, and both can hear in the ultrasound level. Because of the shape of their ears and their ability to move them, cats and dogs can “funnel” sounds into their ears.


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❓ Can cats hear male voices?

As my gf said - cat fascinated by laser pointer => human fascinated by cat. Communications grade audio, used to sound pretty good. > Apparently they can't hear male voices. Their hearing is sensitive to higher frequencies than most male voices and the usual human range.

❓ Can cats hear ultrasonic sound?

  • Cats have incredible hearing skills. In fact, they can hear sounds that even dogs fail to hear. With 2 satellite dish shaped ears, cats' range of hearing goes up to ultrasonic which is superbly high. Sound is measured by vibrations. The number of vibrations a sound produces per second is called Frequency with a unit measurement named hertz.

❓ Can dogs or cats see better in the dark?

Cats, and to a lesser degree, dogs, can see better in the dark than humans. Why? For starters, their pupils and corneas (the clear layer that covers the pupil and colored part of the eye, called the iris) are larger than humans'.

❓ Do cats live longer then dogs?

dogs? Since the average lifespan of a cat is 12 to 19 years, and the dog with the shortest lifespan lives only an average of 8 years, all things being equal, cats live longer than dogs.

❓ Do dogs or cats see better?

Cats also have better near-vision than dogs but still less than humans. The large and elliptical shape of their corneas helps them in gathering light. The extra rods in their eyes also make it possible for them to sense any motion from prey in their peripheral vision, as well as enhancing night vision.

❓ How far can cats hear?

Cats have very good hearing. They can easily distinguish sounds that are one to two yards away and have the ability to hear high pitched sounds.

❓ How low can cats hear?

Cats can move their ears up to 180 degrees, helped by 32 muscles in their outer ears (we only have six). This allows cats to pinpoint sounds. We share the same lower hearing limit as cats, which is about 20 Hz.

❓ How many times better can cats hear than humans?

Humans and cats have a similar range of hearing on the low end of the scale, but cats can hear much higher-pitched sounds, up to 64 kHz, which is 1.6 octaves above the range of a human, and even 1 octave above the range of a dog.

❓ How well can cats hear?

  • The Range. As opposed to humans and even dogs, cats can detect a broader range of sound frequencies. They can hear higher pitched sounds, ranging up to 79 kHz, which is much higher than the 20 kHz of a human. What that means in plain English is that cats can hear ultrasonic sounds.

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New Answer:Yes, cats can, because they can pick up higher frequences than dogs. Usually, dogs sniff out their food, while cats use hearing to pinpoint theirs. (If it is alive, otherwise cats wouldn't be able to hear their food bowls.)Original Answer:Yes, cats don't have drooped ears and they can swivel their ears in any direction sound is coming from.Yes, cats don't have drooped ears and they can swivel their ears in any direction sound is coming from.this is untrue because there are dogs that have pricked ears that hear better than cats and dogs that have drooped ears are fantastic sniffer dogs and can lift there ears up to hear things but arent as good hearers as the other dogs and drooped ears are good for keeping water out of their ears.YOU PROBABLY DONT EVEN HAVE DOGS. SO HOW WOULD YOU KNOW!(?)

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What's the highest frequency a cat can hear?

  • His threshold for low noises is about the same as ours, 30 hertz (Hz), which refers to 30 cycles per second. The highest pitched noises we can hear are around 20,000 Hz or 20 kHz. Kitty can hear sounds up to 65 kHz, which is almost two octaves higher than you.
What range can cats hear?

The hearing range of the cat for sounds of 70 dB SPL extends from 48 Hz to 85 kHz, giving it one of the broadest hearing ranges among mammals. Analysis suggests that cats evolved extended high-frequency hearing without sacrifice of low-frequency hearing.

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Over the course of their lifetimes, cats are generally more affordable than dogs… Cats, however, are perfectly content lounging, napping, and playing with their toys at home alone while you work the day away. It's even better if you have two kitties since they'll keep each other entertained.

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This is in all ways a matter of opinion and both animals have strong points going for them. Dogs are generally easier to play with and are more useful, particularly in roles of security or search and rescue. Dogs can also be trained in ways cats cannot. Cats are easier to take care of, and generally are more independent.. Cats do not serve any useful purpose and are not trainable in the way dogs are. Cats are cleaner than dogs in almost all ways. Dogs dont slobber every where and dont clean themselves with spit. but in all i like them both.

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  • Cats have better hearing than dogs and are capable of detecting sounds at much higher frequencies than your pooch. Don't take the news to heart, however, as dogs are still pretty impressive performers in the hearing stakes.
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