Do simese cats shed?

Priscilla Nicolas asked a question: Do simese cats shed?
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❓ Bombay cats shed?

Yes, Bombay cats do shed.

❓ Do cats shed?

no cats do not shed they can loose air wen the hair gets to long. if cats ave loss of hair,food, couguing your cat may have harthioritas an extremely rare disease tat will kill your cat so if it appens see te vet 24/7

❓ Which cats shed?

Pretty much all cats shed. I have a ginger and white cat, and whenever I pet her she sheds alot of hair.

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All cats shed, but Siamese cats shed very little. Brush them and you will have no problem.

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Do somali cats shed?

Yes, in fact, you should groom the 2-3 times weekly.

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Why do cats shed?

they grow fur in the winter so they keep warm and shed in the summer so they don't get to hot. but of course their always shedding a bit.

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Do cats shed their claws?

Depends what you mean by shed. If you mean do they shed the whole entire nail, then No. But if you mean Do they shed the outer layer of their nail, then yes, they do.

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Do cats shed their whiskers?

Yes. If you own cats, from time to time you will find stray whiskers lying around the house. Personally, I can always tell who's whisker it is, because one of my cats has white whiskers, and the other has black whiskers.

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Do cats shed there claws?

Yes, cats do shed their claws. It is not something that you usually see about to happen, you just find a claw on the carpet somewhere. Though it is normal, when you find a claw, do have a close look just to make sure that it IS just a shed piece and not the whole claw. The shed claw is just a hollow shell.

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Do older cats shed more?

  • Older Cats. Older cats that start losing more hair than usual may have a hormonal imbalance, such as feline hyperthyroidism , which can cause excess shedding. Older cats are also less likely to groom themselves as often as they used to, so brushing and grooming by owners is especially important as the cat's hair continues to shed naturally.

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Do siamese cats shed allot?

They are a short hair breed of cat and shed about twice a year.

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What cats shed the least?

a Turkish Angoras does not shed that much

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What season do cats shed?

  • Normally, the cats’ shedding season is during spring and summer. During fall and winter they grow new coats. They tend to grow hair more rapidly during the cold season to protect them from the cold temperatures. Shedding in summer prepares the cat for the hot season. They shed to remove excess and dead hair.

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When do cats shed most?

Cats shed their coats twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. However, domestic house cats that don't go outside may shed some hair throughout the year.

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Which cats shed the least?

Sphynx cats are a hairless breed of cat. No hair, no shedding. But they must be bathed often because without hair their skin has no protection.

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Why do cats continually shed?

This naturally happens when summer comes to keep the cat cool.

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Do female cats shed more then male cats?

yes female cats shed more then male cats

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Do burmese cats shed a lot?

Yes, it does.

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Do cats lick when they shed?

cat licking itself cat licking itself drawing

It's common to see your cat appearing to lick or groom other cats, other close animals such as dogs and people, and it's a sure sign of kitty familiarity and friendliness! This activity is something that cats do together as a way to group-mark or scent, and is a way to bond, connect and recognize each other.

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Do cats shed in the fall?

why would they shed in the fall of course not cats do not shed in the fall.

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Do cats shed in the winter?

no because they only shed when they are hot so they shed in the summer. the fur does not shed in the winter it keeps them warm after winter comes spring they start to lose fur then summer make the fur go more and fall it grows back

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Do cats shed more than dogs?

  • Answer Wiki. Cats and dogs can shed equally, less, or more than one another mostly depending on breed, size, and hair length. For example, a hairless cat is going to shed a lot less (aka not at all) than a dog with long, luxurious locks, such as a show type german shepherd dog.

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Do cats shed when they& 39?

  • Most breeds of cats shed year-round, although there are certain times when they shed more than others. Cats may shed more noticeably under the following circumstances: Spring and Summer. Cats shed their heavier winter coats naturally in the spring and summer months in anticipation of the warmer weather. In fall and winter, cats grow thicker coasts in multiple layers to keep themselves warm.

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Do dogs shed more than cats?

yes they do

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Do labs shed more than cats?

i would say yes Depends on the cat....

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Do long haired cats shed more?

no they don't

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Do rag-doll cats shed fur?

Yes, all cats shed to some extent. Sphinx and Cornish Rex, which have very short fur, don't appear to shed, but even they shed a certain amount as the individual hair-producing follicles go dormant.

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