Ehy fo cats chatter when they see prey?

Amely VonRueden asked a question: Ehy fo cats chatter when they see prey?
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Why do cats chatter when they see birds?

  • Cat prey often comes in the form of rodents, birds, or other small animals. This bite is referred to as the ‘kill bite’. Some believe that cat chatters may actually be kitty version of practicing or instinctively doing a kill bite when they see prey out of the window. Why do cats chirp when they see birds?


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❓ Is it normal for my cat's teeth to chatter?

  • If you notice your cat’s teeth chattering when s/he is just watching prey from the window, or chasing toys, then there’s no need to be alarmed. Cat owners will agree that this type of behavior is quite normal. What’s not normal, however, is cat teeth chattering in addition to salivating, lethargy, or abnormal/strange behavior.

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