Fleas can cause skij consition in cats?

Ezekiel Stoltenberg asked a question: Fleas can cause skij consition in cats?
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How can fleas affect cats

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External parasites such as fleas can cause itchy skin and cat skin allergies. The cat will then scratch and bite and potentially cause secondary infections.


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A Clan leader may resign if they wish to do so (such as Pinestar did). This is approved by StarClan, and the current deputy can be appointed as the new leader. The former leader loses their leader name and the lives granted by the ancestors.

❓ Can cats be vegetarians or vegans?

  • In short, your cat can't be a vegetarian. He needs a fresh, whole meat-based diet to stay healthy.

❓ Can i trap cats in my yard?

In most communities, it is not illegal to trap stray animals. Cats that are allowed to roam at large, outside the control of their caregivers, are indeed considered stray… The threat of traps is only one of the perils that can befall outdoor cats.

❓ Can i trap cats on my property?

You should check local laws first, because in some areas, it is illegal to trap a pet cat, even if it is on your property… A word of cau- tion: well-fed cats can be hard to trap. You may also end up trapping non-target animals such as raccoons, opossums, or skunks, so avoid trapping at night.

❓ Can infiltrative lipoma be removed in cats?

  • Infiltrative lipoma is infrequently found in cats, but requires very aggressive removal. They are found within muscle groups and can return. Sometimes followup treatment with radiation will be recommended for infiltrative lipoma. Another variant of infiltrative lipoma may be cancerous and is caused by feline leukemia viral infection.

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  • When indoor cats go missing, they are generally found within metres of where they escaped. They will often be overwhelmed by the outdoors and remain close to familiar territory. When indoor cats go missing, they are hiding somewhere. First check inside your house for your indoor cat.

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If your cat is pooping less frequently and having some difficulty, she may be constipated. While there is some normal variation, if it's been more than 48-72 hours without a bowel movement, you should contact your vet.

❓ How long can cats be dehydrated?

When to take a cat to the vet for dehydration?

  • As the cat gets more dehydrated, the skin goes back in place more and more slowly. If the pinch of skin stays up (the "tent"), it is a sign of severe dehydration. The cat should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. Other signs that may be noted include: Dry, tacky gums. Listlessness. Refusal to eat.

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9 lives

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Mange in cats: symptoms, causes, signs of mange, diagnosis and how to prevent mange in cats

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