How do cats show dominance?

Sebastian Heidenreich asked a question: How do cats show dominance?
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How do cats dominate each other?

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Dominant cats may attempt to establish their dominance in a multiple cat household by hissing, hitting, and growling. They may also urinate in areas that the other cats frequent, push other cats out of the food bowl until they are done eating, and make the other cats feel threatened.

How can you tell if your cat is dominant?

  • When cats are exerting their dominance, they will stiffen their ears and rotate them sideways. This is matched to standing upright, prolonged staring, and raising the base of their tail (while drooping the tip). Verbal displays of dominance include hissing and yowling. Indirect displays include spraying (urinating) and bunting (scent rubbing).


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Male feral cat show dominance even to other male cats. ( any cat can do this behavior)

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