How much does an egyptian mau cost?

Torey Runolfsson asked a question: How much does an egyptian mau cost?
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  • How Much Does an Egyptian Mau Cost? 1 One-Time Egyptian Mau Expenses. Kittens can be purchased at Belle Hollow Farms & Exotics for $800 to $1,800 each, depending on the color and quality of the cat. 2 Recurring Egyptian Mau Expenses… 3 Things to Consider When Selecting A Breeder…
  • Egyptian Mau with normal family records, coming from less-well known breeding farms etc will cost between $750 and $1500 per kitten. These kittens are suitable for breeding purpose rather than for pet purpose, because they usually tramp during breeding season.
  • Hence, their prices are not too high, from $450 to $750. They will be great companions for each family. Once they have full registration, Egyptian Mau will be allowed for breeding. Price of each kitten is varied, depends on where they come from, where they are bred, their body portions, their color, etc.

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An Egyptian Mau cat costs between 100 and 200 dollars, if you are looking for great bloodlines, however you can get cheaper ones with basic bloodlines for free if you place ads around looking for a mau. Hope this helps, Cobi xx

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