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❓ Simpsons crazy cat lady?

Eleanor Abernathy.

❓ What is a cat lady?

A cat lady is a woman who is obessed with cats and has at least over 10 cats. Will rescue stray cats.

❓ What defines a crazy cat lady?

A popular stereotype referring to a subpopulation of older single woman who, by circumstance or choice, replace personal and social relationships and human interaction with feline companionship.

❓ Does lady gaga have a sphynx cat?

In her video for 'Bad Romance' she has a sphynx cat. so yes she does have a sphynx cat

❓ How do you be a cat lady?

get a ton of cats.. and be single for the rest of your lifee

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Cat one-person wrap

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Are you a cat person or dog person?

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How to pill a cat-one person

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One person hospitalized, cat rescued from rockford house fire

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How many cats can a crazy cat lady fit in a manhattan apartment?

if she's crazy then, more than 200

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What's the real name for a tuxedo cat?

  • A tuxedo cat, or Felix cat in the United Kingdom, is a bicolor cat with a white and black coat. They are called tuxedo cats because they appear to be wearing the type of black tie formal wear commonly known in the United States and Canada as a tuxedo. Bi color may also appear in the skin color.

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What was the real name of grumpy cat?

  • The furry feline, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, died following complications from a urinary tract infection, the cat's owners announced in a statement on Friday. It was Grumpy Cat's signature grim expression that made her a meme-able icon, after her owner Tabatha Bundesen's brother shared a photo of the cat on Reddit in September 2012.

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Can a cat shed real tears of sadness?

  • While cats certainly do have emotions, such as grieving or depression, they will never shed tears to show those feelings. If you are concerned about your pet's emotions, look for other signs such as lethargy, withdrawal, or disinterest in food.

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How many cats do you have to have before you are a crazy cat lady?

At least 20. ^^ (lol)

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Does lady gaga love cats?

She hates Cats or loves them who do we think we are we cant stalk her to know the answers

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Do lady cats have periods?

yes when they grow a shong

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Do cats eat lady bugs?

no no

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Does lady gaga hate cats?

of course she's a b

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Does lady gaga like cats?

no she does not because she thinks they hugly and stupid.

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What are lady cats called?

Female cats are called a Queen, male cats are called a Tom.

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Can you feed your cat real grass from your yard?

Yes you can, though cats more often want forms of wheat grass and can find the type themselves if you let them walk around the yard.

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When do i start feeding my kittens real cat food?

  • A general schedule for kitten weaning might be: Weeks 4-5: Give wet or moistened dry food, mixed with formula to form a slush… Weeks 5-6: The weaning kittens should start to nibble on the kibble, slightly moistened with water. Weeks 6-7: By now, the kitten weaning process is complete, and they should be eating all solid food by week seven.

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What is the real name for domestic short hair cat?

british short hair is the name

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What are lady gaga's cats names?

I think she doesn't have cats...She has got 2 dogs and somebody says that she has got a whale...

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Does lady gaga have any cats?

No Lady Gaga has no pets because she says it will distract her from her singing

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Is lady palm toxic to cats?

Summary: Ideal houseplant for homes with cats; neutralizes litter box smell, non-toxic, attractive. Rhapis excelsa, the "Lady Palm", is one of two safe-for-cats plants recommended by NASA to remove ammonia from air.

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What are some real negative effects of neutering a male cat?

  • Weight Gain. Weight gain may be a long term side effect of cat neutering. After the surgery, the cat will no longer spend time searching for a partner to mate, so the cat will be more sedentary. If the cat eats the same amount of food, he will gain weight.

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Are asian lady beetles harmful to cats?

  • However, there’s a similar bug known as the Asian lady beetle. It looks very similar to the ladybug and is dangerous if consumed by cats. They might cause allergies or infections that need to be treated with antibiotics.

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Is my cat munchkin cat?

Why do munchkin cats have short lifespans?

  • Munchkin cats will stay small even in adulthood because they're a genetically modified cat breed made to remain short and tiny throughout their lifespans. Even though they're a small cat breed and can't jump as high as other cats, they're usually quick and active.

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Cat - eat -cat competition means?

It is a competition where you compete your cats in a battle to see how long it can asp lode your mom and ma your mom

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Can cat cat abort kittens?

Cats can definatley abort cats. They leave them at peoples doorsteps or they just don't care about them.

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Why cat not eat cat?

Cats are not cannibals they will not eat other cats even in starving conditions.

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Is my cat snowshoe cat?

Snowshoe cats have an affectionate and docile disposition. Due to this, they do not do well under circumstances where they are left alone for long periods of time. Snowshoes are also very vocal, though their voices are not as loud as their Siamese ancestors. ...

Snowshoe Cat
Domestic cat (Felis catus)

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Is the cat ocicat pronounced oki-cat or osee-cat?

Hi this is Nikki and I believe that Ocicat is pronounced o-CEE-cat

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Who are the siamese cats in lady and the tramp?

Si an Am (Notice the word play? lol!)

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Who owns the siamese cats in lady and the tramp?

Aunt Sarah

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What big cat is super cat?

Various large cats, like tigers, lions, pumas, mountain lions, bobcats, and cougar, can all be considered "super" cats.

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Can a cat kill another cat?

Yes, cats can kill each other. Domestic cat fights and aggression rarely lead to severe injuries or death. Feral cats are more aggressive and are more likely to cause fatal harm to other cats.

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What cat breed known hairless cat?

The hairless cat is known as the 'Sphinx' cat.

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How much a cat cat weight?

The fully grown cat should weigh 8-12 pounds(2-6kg), which is the average weight of a healthy adult cat. If you are unsure of how much your own cat should weigh, visit the vet and they will be able to tell you.

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Do munchkin cat need another cat?

How are munchkin cats different from other cats?

  • Munchkin cats are amazing sprinters, but they don’t jump as high as other cat breeds, simply because they have short legs. But even with their short legs they still can jump on furniture and climb just like other cats. 2. Munchkin Cats Are Active And Healthy Breed

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Is bombay cat a white cat?

The Bombay Cat is a Dark Black cat that alot of people own across the country. A good name for it would be spooky.

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Your cat hisses at another cat?

That means it doesn't like that other cat.

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What type of cat is the purina one cat food cat?

The purina one cat is a snowshoe, a mix of Siamese and American shorthair

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Is macavity the cat a pet cat or a stray cat?

He is both a pet cat, because you can pet it, and a stray cat because you can stray it. :)

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Cat services?

form_title=Cat Services form_header=Whether you're looking to train, pamper or care for your cat, we can help you find the right service for you! What type of cat do you own?= _[50] Has your cat been spayed or neutered?= () Yes () No What type of services are you looking for?= {Veterinary, Grooming, Daycare, Boarding, Other} How old is your cat?= {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30}

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Is cats real?

Yes. Cats are real.

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Are toygers real?

  • Toygers are designer cats. They have an easily trained character and are generally laid back, which makes them perfect for apartment dwellers. Their dramatic pattern and glittered pelt makes them very appealing to all of you who have ever dreamed of owning a real tiger,...

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Are cats real?

of course cat are real! cats are the most friendly lovable pets you will ever have!!

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Are lambkin cat a one person cat?

What kind of cat is a lambkin cat?

  • The Lambkin, which is also referred to as the Nanus Rex, is considered one of the world’s rarest cat breeds, thanks to the fact that it is such a new breed. These sweet, docile, gentle, calm, and easygoing kitties are known for being affectionate and loving as well.

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Is the black cat a popular cat?

Black cats are pretty popular but are not the most popular. Like Jacqueline she has cat that is shiny ans black.

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Cat eating cat litter is this harmful?

Cats that eat cat litter is not healthy. it does not make them anything but sick and could kill them. what you need to do is keep him from eating it the best you can. Cat litter has chemicals in it that are toxic to cats. Also the clumping litter can clog the intestines and cause infection or death. Some cats eat cat litter because they are curious or they may have anemia...which could be caused by leukemia, kidney disease, chromic renal failure, or immundodeficency. If your cat is eating cat litter, take him/her to the vet. Change the cat litter to natural stuff, like pine, paper, corn or wheat...easier to pass through the system. Also even if your cat doesnt eat litter, they still get dust on their paws...and when they clean themselves, they get it in their systems. So change anyways

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Is a bengal cat a lap cat?

  • No, a Bengal cat is not a lap cat. And don't even force it to stay put on your lap, your cat may get furious and start throwing tantrums. But don't be disappointed, there can be certain occasions when your kitty might show some interest in your lap.

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Is a persian cat a smart cat?

  • Persian cats are not overly smart but they are extremely adorable. Known for being gentle and sometimes goofy, Persian cats get along with everyone and cope well with environmental changes. They may not be as smart as some breeds but this doesn't affect their ability to make wonderful pets.

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What breed of cat was cleopatra's cat?

well i'm guessing siamese... those were popular in egypt then. Sphink cats aka bald cats were popular in egypt

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Is the bombay cat a hypoallergenic cat?

  • The Bombay is accepted by the following North American cat associations:  AACE, ACA, ACFA, CCA, CFA, CFF, NCFA, TICA and the UFO. This cat is known to produce very little dander, making it ideal for those who are looking for a hypoallergenic cat.

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Is my cat a egyptian mau cat?

In order to know if your cat is an Egyptian Mau cat one would need more information on the look and features of your cat.

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Does your cat eat canned cat food?

  • Canned cat food is great for your kitty's health because it provides more protein and hydration than dry food. But cats have a reputation for being picky eaters and they may turn down canned food at first. Try these simple tips to help add canned food to your cat's diet. Look for the same flavors as your cat's favorite dry food.

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Why is tidy cat cat litter recalled?

whenever the cats covered their feces or urine, the litter would go up their nails and infect them.

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