What is the best breed of dog for hunting?



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❓ What dog breed is best?

There is no best breed. It all depends on a person's likes, dislikes, experience with a particular breed[s], lifestyle, and mind-set.

❓ What dog breed best for elderly?


❓ What dog breed is the best?

There is no such thing as a perfect dog. Each person will have their opinion. The best dog is the dog that suits you and your lifestyle and personality.

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What is the best dog breed with cats?

German sheperd

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What is the best miniature breed of dog?

The best miniature breed of dog is a matter of personal opinion. Some great miniature dogs are the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire terrier, and the Pekinese.

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What breed of cat makes the best family pet?

  • The best cat breeds for kids.
  • Siamese. Siamese cats have long been one of the most popular breeds for families and with good reason…
  • Maine Coon…
  • Birman…
  • Abyssinian…
  • Burmese…
  • Manx…
  • Persian.

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What breed of dog is best for the iditarod?


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What breed of dog is the best attack dog?

A pitbull, sadly! They can be friendly, though...

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What is best cat breed to be around dog?

None. All cat breeds and dog breeds have equal chances. It depends on if they where socialized together at an early age or not. If not, don't try. Period. Trust me, it's not worth it. If they where, then you can try having a cat and dog together.

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What is the best breed for an indoor cat?

It really depends on your personality and lifestyle. All cats have different personalities, so some will fit in with your lifestyle more than others. Persian/Exotics/Himilayans and other pedigree cats are often kept as indoor cats due to their value and overall personality. Appearance doesn't matter.

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What is the best breed of a teacup dog?

A yorkie

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What is the best breed of dog for family?


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What is the best breed of dog to buy?

Husky, there the smartest

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What is the best cat breed for animal therapy?

It depends on what therapy the cat is going to work most with. Here is the 3rd reason, in the link I've added below, for cats being good therapy animals: 3. Petting or brushing long hair cats can be great physical therapy for individuals with muscle disorders. Recently, long hair cats have been used with patients suffering from muscle conditions. The act of brushing a cat's thick coat can help to slowly increase flexibility and ease muscle and joint stiffness. Not only is brushing a cat's hair good for exercising certain muscles, it is also quite relaxing. The best type of cat for this type of pet therapy is said to be the long hair Persian breed.


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What breed dog breed makes a rottweiler dog?

A Rottweiler.

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Best breed of dog for in house.?

the best breed is a Labrador

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What's the best dog breed for family?

There is no such thing as the best dog breed for a family. Most dogs behaviors are primarily due to how they were raised and not due to their specific breed.

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Which cat breed is best in india?

  1. Bombay Cat. These unique cats can make for an ideal pet…
  2. Himalayan Cat. They are one of the most common cat breeds…
  3. Siamese Cat. If you wish for an all-day companion, a Siamese cat can be perfect for you…
  4. Persian Cats…
  5. Maine Coon…
  6. The American Bobtail…
  7. Spotted Cat.

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Which is the best small dog breed?

There is no one "best" breed, they all have their merits and downfalls.

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What are the ingredients in best of breed dog shampoo?

what i mean is...is there detergent in this dog shampoo?

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What breed of dog is the best livestock guardian dog?

Great Pyrenees is one such breed, and a very popular LGD.

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What is the best age to breed your bengal cat?

  • Usually, a female Bengal cat will start going on heat somewhere between the age of 4 months and ten months. Male Bengal cats reach sexual maturity between 10 and 16 months of age. It is best to let the cat go through at least two heat cycles before you begin breeding.

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What is the best and most well mannered kitten breed?

The American Short Hair is the most well suited cat breed.A American Short Hair has not done any harm to the couch and has been very good with the other cats.

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