What kind of plants are poisonous to cats?

Elmore Nikolaus asked a question: What kind of plants are poisonous to cats?
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  • 1 Tradescantia Fluminensis 2 Tradescantia Pallida 3 Tradescantia Zebrina
  • Poisonous plants in these potential bonsai families include azaleas (rosebay, rhododendron), desert azaleas (desert rose, mock azale, sabi star, impala lily, kudu lily), bead trees (China bell, paradise tree, Persian lilac, white cedar, Japanese bead tree, Texas umbrella tree, pride-of-India, Chinaberry tree), fig (weeping fig,...
  • Poisonous plants Cats love munching on greenery and bouquets of flowers. But some common household and garden plants, such as tulips, daffodils, lilies, philodrendon, Dieffenbachia, foxglove, and Japanese yew, are very dangerous for cats.
  • Other Hazardous Plants. Primrose is just one of many plants that may bring upon effects of illness in a kitty, unfortunately. Other common plants that may be dangerous to your little one include branching ivy, meadow saffron, water hyacinth, winter cherry, poinsettia, rock moss, all lilies, Oregon holly, milkweed and leatherflower.

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