Why do people say cat got your tongue why not dog got your tongue?

Zoe Metz asked a question: Why do people say cat got your tongue why not dog got your tongue?
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❓ Why is your cats tongue out?

Cats can pant, just like dogs. However, I do not believe they do it for the same reason (cooling off). They might be simply opening their mouth to smell something, or because they are having trouble breathing through their nose. Cats stick their tongues out sometimes and it is just that they are being silly, however if they are panting they are either under heat exhaustion or stress. Or smell if they are breathing deeply and calmly.

❓ Why does your cats tongue hang out?

it prob sees a sexy filine!

❓ Why is a cat's tongue rougher than a dog's tongue?

Cats clean their fur, dogs don't. The reason is because cats use the tongue to clean flesh off the bones of their prey, the teeth are different than dogs teeth, made for shearing flesh, the tongue helps them clean up the meal.

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Cats like to sit on people's chest and stare into their faces or sniff their breath. People used to believe that they would either steal your soul when you were asleep, or steal your tongue out of your mouth.

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What can cause blisters on cats tongue?

sore corner cat s mouth cat mouth cancer

Often, poor oral hygiene is a major contributor. The buildup of plaque and bacteria over the surface of the teeth can result in painful inflammation in the areas around the throat and mouth. Other factors have been found to result in these ulcers, including: Malnutrition.

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What can cause ulcers on cats tongue?

In addition to these typical symptoms, cats with a calicivirus infection often develop ulcers on the tongue, hard palate, gums, lips, or nose. These cats will usually salivate or drool excessively as the ulcers are very painful.

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What causes a swollen tongue in cats?

What causes swelling in the upper cheek of a cat?

  • There are many causes of oral swellings including local trauma, infection, fluid accumulation, and tumors. Above: Benign tumor surrounding upper cheek teeth. Below: Swelling due to trauma from the upper cheek tooth. What should I do if I see a swelling in my cat’s mouth?

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Why do cats keep their tongue out?

cute cat funny cat

Your cat's tongue is designed to trap food and hair which makes it very difficult for him to rid his mouth of anything unpleasant. Cats are susceptible to dental disease, heat stroke, poisoning, motion sickness and other diseases and infections which may cause them to stick out their tongues.

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Why is my cat's tongue sticking out?

A protruding tongue can be a sign of fairly serious oral issues such as periodontal disease, which is very common in cats… Some cats also experience gingivitis or stomatitis (inflammation of the entire mouth). When severe your cat will often paw at its mouth, refuse to eat, drool excessively, and stick out its tongues.

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Is mother in law tongue toxic to cats?

According to the ASPCA's website, mother in law's tongue, also called snake plant, is fairly toxic, tho probably not fatal to cats. It does have a host of pretty gnarly effects tho, so if your cat is curious, best to get rid of it.

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What are the black spots on cat tongue?

Black spots on a cat's tongue is an indication of a bigger problem. Cat's tongues should be pink, and if you notice blackness, bring your cat to the veterinary immediately.

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What happens when you lick a cats tongue?

You are exposed to the bacteria present in the cat's mouth.

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Why do cats have a sandpaper like tongue?

  • According to human science, cat tongues feel like sandpaper because they are covered in papillae - backwards facing barbs that serve a few important purposes. In large cats, like lions, the papillae makes it easier for the feline to viciously rip the flesh off the bones of their prey as they feast.

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Why do cats have hair on their tongue?

to help clean themself it is the main reason.

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Why do cats let their tongue hang out?

they dont.dogs do

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Why does my cat have a hard tongue?

  • If you had been used to the smooth sensation of a dog’s tongue then it was probably quite surprising to experience the rough feel of a cat’s tongue. If, however, you’ve lived with cats for many years, you probably don’t even think twice about that sandpaper sensation.

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Why does my cat have a smooth tongue?

  • Why Is My Cat's Tongue Smooth? The vast majority of cats have rough, scratchy tongues. Some cats will have a tongue that feels as smooth as silk. This is not due to old age. The papillae on a cat's tongue will not fade over time. Instead, this will be a genetic mutation . It could occur in any cat, of any breed, from birth. If your cat is born with a smooth tongue, it will retain it.

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Why does my cat keep licking his tongue?

  • Similar to how a hairbrush promotes blood flow on the scalp, your cat’s tongue-which is covered in tiny, bristle-like hairs-improves circulation. Here’s why your cat is biting you. Familiar cats will groom each other as a sign of affection.

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Why is my cat pulling at his tongue?

Because usually cats tongues get infected. If the tongue is not infected, then his/her tongue might have some spicy upon it or it might be itchy. See a doctor is none of the above.

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Can people sing your cats name?

It depends on the name.

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Do cats stick their tongue out when they die?

Breathing Patterns

A cat's breathing may change when he is dying. Some animals will pant during their last hours or make wheezing sounds. The cat may keep his mouth open with his tongue hanging out. Toward the end, some cats will make little gurgling noises as the respiratory system begins to shut down.

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What are some interesting facts about a cat's tongue?

  • 10 Amazing Facts About Your Cat’s Tongue. 1 1. A Cat’s Tongue Is Covered In Spines. 2 2. Wild Cats Have The Same Type Of Tongue. 3 3. A Cat’s Tongue May Be Responsible For Hairballs. 4 4. The Spines Of A Cat’s Tongue Are Made Of Keratin. 5 5. A Cat’s Tongue Is One Reason String And Tinsel Are So Dangerous. More items

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What do the barbs on a cat's tongue do?

  • Here are some facts about the cat’s tongue: The tongue of a cat has tiny, backward-facing barbs (papillae) on it and they’re the things that create that rough sensation. The barbs serve several important functions. They make it easier for a cat to rasp the meat from the bones of his prey.

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Why do cats have black spots on the tongue?

The spots are harmless pigmentation unless they are raised.

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Does your cat ever growl at people?

  • The only cat that ever really growls at anyone is Stumpy, who is all attitude in the first place. And he growls if you try to do something with him that he doesn't want to do.

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Why doesn't your cat eat people food?

Cats typically don't eat food meant for humans. Avoid feeding your cat chocolate, garlic, or onions. It's most likely to prefer fish. Cats don't have the same nutrition needs as we do, so they're not accustomed to our food.

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How does a cat move the papillae on its tongue?

  • A Cat Can Move The Papillae On Its Tongue. When a cat is not using its tongue for grooming, eating or drinking, the bristles on the tongue lie flat facing the back of the mouth. When the cat is ready to groom itself, it opens its mouth, extends the tongue and the papillae stand up off the tongue, ready to get to work.

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